Daiwa Tatulion HD 200H/200HL hyrräkela


Daiwa Tatulion HD 200 hyrräkela

Daiwa Tatulion HD 200 hyrräkela on Daiwa Australian suunnittelema, sikäläisten kalavesien vaativiin olosuhteisiin valmistettu kela.

Messinkikoneisto, TWS-siimanohjain, naksujarru,.. erittäin hieno kela!

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TATULION is an evolution, elevating performance to another level with the introduction of a waterproof carbon ATD Drag system inside a 200-size capacity baitcaster reel for the first time.

The 200-size line capacity demanded by many anglers allows the use of heavy braided line and plenty of it. The Carbon ATD drag equipped in TATULION is water sealed, with a rubber gasket lining the top of the stack helping to keep water out, which ultimately means a more durable and longer-lasting drag performance. TATULION’s drag also features an audible click, a feature long used in flagship Daiwa baitcast reels such as Steez and Morethan. The audible drag click ensures anglers know exactly what’s going on, allowing them to adjust their fight to ultimately land more fish.

TATULION features an aluminium gear side plate, which allows the use of the carbon ATD drag by giving Daiwa engineers more room inside the side plate to equip the slightly thicker drag stack. A host of other improvements can be seen in TATULION, such as an aluminium long-arm drag star and EVA handle knobs, making it not only easier to adjust drag on the fly mid-fight, but also improving overall grip and comfort of the reel while in use.

  • T-Wing System (TWS)
  • Aluminium body and side plate
  • High Brass Gear
  • Magforce
  • 100mm aluminium handle
  • EVA handle knobs
  • ATD Drag, max power 6kg
  • Clicking drag
  • Flat bottom deep spool
  • 7BB (incl. 2CRBB)
TATULION HD 200H 6.3:1/71CM 7(2CRBB) 0.32MM/180M 230G 6KG ROUND EVA
TATULION HD 200HL 6.3:1/71CM 7(2CRBB) 0.32MM/180M 230G 6KG ROUND EVA



TATULION HD 200H oikeakätinen, TATULION HD 200HL vasenkätinen